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Arc Fault Breakers

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Protect Your Tulsa, OK Home From Electrical Fires With Arc Fault Breaker Installation

Want to hear an eye-opening statistic? A Consumer Products Safety Commission report suggested that, according to their estimations, electrical wiring issues were responsible for over 150 home fires in the US every dayThat is a staggering piece of information - but it's a little less daunting when you learn there is a tried and true way to help limit the possibility that your home succumbs to an electrical fire - arc fault breakers, professionally installed by your friends at Watt's Right Electric. 

The best way to protect your home from fire is to be proactive, and that's exactly what arc fault circuit breakers are designed to do. If your home doesn't have them - especially if it's an older home - not only are they a current code requirement but they are also a powerful defense against future catastrophe.

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What Does An Arc Fault Breaker Do?

Arc fault circuit breakers - also called arc fault circuit interrupters, or AFCIs, are products designed to detect a range of different arcing electrical faults to prevent your electrical system from heating up in spots where it could eventually cause a fire. Electrical fires are often immune from early detection because they start in areas that are hidden from view, but if you can protect the circuit in a way that reduces the likelihood of it being the source of an electrical fire, your home will be much safer. Currently, AFCI protection is required for all 15 and 20 amp branch circuits that provide power to outlets in various rooms of your house. When you give us a call, our team will assess the situation and install any arc fault breakers that are needed.

What Are The Benefits Of Arc Fault Breakers?

If you have a broken or cut wire that is allowing electricity to leave the circuit, it can travel into the surrounding environment, causing it to heat up - often to the point of starting a fire. AFCIs detect this loss of electricity and shut the circuit down before it gets out of hand. Some other benefits include:

  • AFCIs are "smart" breakers, able to detect the difference between a normal arc and a dangerous one.
  • They bring your home into compliance with the National Electric Code (NEC)
  • They protect any branching circuit in your home.
  • They provide early warning that you have problems in your electrical system that need to be addressed.

An Ounce Of Prevention...

We can't stress enough how powerful a tool arc fault circuit breakers are in protecting your home from an electrical fire. If you don't already have them installed in your home, or aren't sure the ones you have were installed correctly, it's imperative you have the pros at Watt's Right Electric come take a look. Send us a message online or give us a call at (918) 972-0720 today!

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