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Custom Lighting Installation Services near Tulsa

Does your living room feel a little drab? Do you have a hard time reading things in your home office? Do you struggle with the latest recipe because you can't make out the ingredients list? All of these issues could be the result of dull, uninteresting or evenĀ boringĀ lighting in your home. The good news is, it's easy to remake the entire look, feel and style of your home with custom lighting, professionally designed and installed by your friends at Watt's Right Electric.

Illuminate Your Home for a Brighter Ambiance

Sometimes it's a question of the type of light you have, sometimes it's a question of location - either way, the lighting in your home should be able to not only properly illuminate your space but should add a touch of artistry to your walls. Our experts can not only help you decide what type of lighting will work best for your home but also install it with practiced care so you can be certain it will be ready every time you flick a switch.

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Why Have An Electrician Perform Custom Lighting Installation?

Naturally, any lighting installation projects that take place in your home are going to involve the electrical system, which is why choosing a licensed professional electrician is the best way to go. You don’t want to be added to the long list of DIY electrical tragedies, and there is always the risk of starting a fire or electrocution if you don’t have the right experience and expertise when it comes to lighting installation. Hiring a professional also means you’ll be in compliance with all electrical codes, so you never have to worry about any issues.

What Types Of Home Lighting Are Available?

There's been a lot of innovation in home lighting over the last several decades, giving you many options to choose from when you decide to add lighting to your home. LEDs, track lighting, pendants, laser light - the possibilities are endless. But whatever form the lighting takes, here are the main uses for lighting that can help you decide what is best for your situation:

  • General or Ambient Lighting - Your basic home lighting. Ceiling lights, lamps, chandeliers - anything that's meant to provide a nice coverage of light to illuminate your entire room.
  • Accent Lighting - Accent lighting is built to bring attention to a specific feature of your home - wall art, fireplaces, stairways, or anything you'd like to highlight.
  • Dimmer Lighting - Simply put, dimmer lighting allows you to have some control over the light's intensity, whether you need it bright for easy visibility or want to bring it down to set a mood.
  • Task Lighting - Like desk lamps or garage work lights, task lighting is there to provide direct, clean light to a workspace to help you accomplish whatever you're working on.
  • Smart Lighting - This can cover all of the above, with the added bonus that it's tied into your home's Wi-Fi and can be controlled with your voice or a smartphone app.

Does Watt's Right Electric Do Outdoor Lighting?

Absolutely! Any type of lighting you need, we can install. Customized outdoor lighting is great for:

  • Improving the safety and security of your property
  • Highlighting specific exterior features of your home
  • Making it easier to move around outside at night
  • Creating ambiance for parties and get-togethers

Contact Watt's Right Electric For All Your Home Lighting Needs

Our experts are ready, willing and able to help you make the right lighting decisions for your home and install it all with a professional craftsman's touch. If you're ready to add some lighting to your home, send us a message online or give us a call at (918) 972-0720 today!

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