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Smart Lighting

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Light Up Your Tulsa, OK, Home In A Whole New Way With Smart Lighting

When people watched the original Star Trek show back in the 1960s, they probably thought the ability to walk into a room and simply say "lights" to turn everything on was an out-there sci-fi concept as wild as transporters or warp drive. We're still a ways off from figuring out those two latter options, but when it comes to voice-activated lighting, the future is quite literally now.

With a smart lighting system from your friends at Watt's Right Electric, you can bring your home's lighting into the 21st century with Wi-Fi enabled controls that respond to your voice, your smartphone or to your pre-programmed instructions. Forget the old days of having to remember what switch turns on what - now, with a word, your lighting comes to life.

smart lighting

What Is Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting refers to lighting your home using LED bulbs that contain software that connects to an app, smart home assistant or another smart accessory. Smart lighting allows you to automate the lights in your home or control them remotely, which provides a range of special benefits. More and more new homes are being built with smart lighting. Now you can switch over your home’s lighting system to smart lighting with the help of our team of lighting experts.

What Are The Advantages Of Smart Lighting?

Aside from the rush of power you get from having your lights turn on at one voice command, there are lots of other great features and benefits of smart lighting, including:

  • Remote control - You can turn your lights on or off even when you're not at home. Light things up for a neighbor dropping by to pet sit, or kill those lights you forgot to turn off before you left for vacation. You can do it all right from your smartphone.
  • Set the mood - The LED lighting used in smart lighting installations often comes with the ability to shine in multiple colors - so you can have a nice, even wash of light most days or switch it up for a romantic evening or to liven up a house party.
  • Lower utility bills - The ability to turn lights off if you aren't home helps to conserve power, which translates into a better power bill each month.
  • Take advantage of programming - Have all of your lights automatically go out when it gets super late, or even have them gently turn on in the morning to rouse you from sleep. All that and more is possible.

Put A Little Light On The Subject

The lighting in your home has always been functional - but with smart lighting, it can be so much more. When you're ready to have a smart lighting system installed in your home, send us a message online or call (918) 972-0720 today!

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