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Smoke Detectors

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Keep Everything Valuable In Your Tulsa, OK Home Safe With Advanced Smoke Detectors

It’s no secret that having high-quality, functioning smoke detectors in your home is crucial for your family’s safety. Countless tragedies happen every year because of malfunctioning smoke detectors, and what makes them even more tragic is that they could have been avoided with proper equipment. Your friends at Watt's Right Electric provide reputable smoke detector installation and repair that will ensure your detectors are in good shape and working effectively when you need them most.

Plus, there are new, smart smoke detectors that have capabilities beyond just waking you and alerting you to danger. These state-of-the-art devices provide another layer of protection for you and your loved ones - a layer you can't afford to miss.

smoke dectector with smoke

What Are The Signs You Need Smoke Detector Repair?

It's easy to forget your smoke detectors are even there - but you can't afford to miss the signs there's something up with them that could cause them to fail right when you need them the most. Here are some signs you need your smoke detectors repaired or replaced:

  • Constant chirping - Sometimes this just means that the smoke detector needs a new backup battery. But if it's recently been changed, there's likely a problem with the unit itself.
  • It looks worn out - If there's a yellow tinge on the outside or you see visible damage, don't take the chance and have it replaced.
  • It goes off over nothing - Obviously one of the biggest signs you have a problem is if your smoke detector is giving off a lot of false alarms.
  • It's been recalled - Moreso than maybe anything else in your home, you need to stay up with your model's manufacturer so you can be aware if it or any of its parts are under recall.

What Are The Advantages Of Smart Smoke Detectors?

Advancements in Wi-Fi enabled "smart" technology have also improved what smoke detectors can do. Here are some of the additional benefits a smart smoke detector provides:

  • Alerts when you aren't home - When synced to a smartphone app, you can find out if your detector is going off wherever you are - letting you alert authorities even if you're not there.
  • It gives you locations - A smart smoke detector can be programmed to identify its actual location when its alarm goes off, so you don't have to wonder where the danger is coming from.
  • Quiet battery updates - Are you tired of the loud, obnoxious chirping from a smoke detector that needs a replacement battery backup? Us too. With a smart unit, you'll get a potentially silent ping on your smartphone.
  • It knows the difference - Many smoke detectors can be fooled by things like smoke from cooking or excess water vapor. Smart smoke detectors are actually able to tell the difference, which cuts down on false alarms.

Double Down On Your Protection Today

If you haven't updated your smoke detectors in a while or are interested in adding smart capabilities to their skillset, don't hesitate - because potential disasters aren't going to wait for you. When you're ready to improve your home's defense, send us a message online or call (918) 972-0720 today!

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