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Whole Home Surge Protectors

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Shield The Expensive Tech In Your Tulsa, OK Home With A Whole Home Surge Protector

75 inch OLED TVs. 7.1 channel surround sound systems. The newest video game console. Your high-performance desktop computer. A smart refrigerator. These are just a few of the expensive - and surprisingly vulnerable - electronics or appliances that you probably have in your home right now. Every single one of them brings comfort, convenience or entertainment into your life. Every single one of them is susceptible to a devastating power surge that can fry their electronics and render them useless. But with a whole home surge protector installed by your friends at Watt's Right Electric, you'll never have to fear for any of your equipment, no matter where it's plugged in.

Your things are too important to trust to store-bought surge protectors that can be overwhelmed by even the simplest of power surges. Plus, they only protect things that are directly plugged into them. A whole home surge protector is exactly that - protection throughout your home, for all of your equipment.

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Can a homeowner install whole home surge protection?

Yes, homeowners can install whole-home surge protection systems. These systems are designed to safeguard electronic devices and appliances from power surges caused by lightning, utility switching, or other electrical issues. While some DIY kits are available, it's recommended to consult a licensed electrician for proper installation. An electrician can assess your home's electrical panel, recommend the right surge protection system, and ensure it's installed correctly to provide comprehensive protection to your entire household from damaging power surges.

Is it worth getting a whole home surge protector?

Yes, investing in a whole-home surge protector is worth it. It provides comprehensive protection for all your electronic devices and appliances against damaging power surges. These surges can occur from lightning, utility fluctuations, or other electrical events. While individual power strips offer limited protection, a whole-home surge protector defends your entire electrical system, minimizing the risk of costly damage. It's a proactive measure that extends the lifespan of your electronics, enhances safety, and offers peace of mind against unexpected power surges.

What is the life expectancy of a whole home surge protector?

The life expectancy of a whole-home surge protector typically ranges from 7 to 20 years, depending on the quality of the device and how frequently it encounters power surges. Surge protectors are equipped with components that degrade over time, especially after absorbing multiple surges. Regularly replacing them is crucial to maintaining effective protection for your electronic devices and appliances. Periodic inspection and replacement by a professional electrician help ensure your whole-home surge protector continues to safeguard your home's electrical system from power surges.

What Causes Power Surges In Your Home?

When you have a power surge, there is an unintentional spike in the electrical voltage in your house that can affect your appliances, electrical devices and wiring. There are a variety of reasons why you may experience a power surge, including after power outages that were caused by storms or other weather problems, fallen power lines, or lightning strikes. You can also experience smaller power surges inside your home that don’t cause damage immediately but may end up causing damage to your wires or appliances over time. This can happen if larger appliances are cycling on and off or when you’re using smaller appliances more often.

What Are The Benefits Of A Whole Home Surge Protector?

Whole home surge protection is the most foolproof way to protect your home's electrical system - and everything plugged into it. Some of the benefits of these devices include:

  • Your technology is protected - All of the expensive devices and appliances plugged into your home are now protected from exterior power surges that threaten to render them useless.
  • Prevents internal surges - So-called "transient" power surges may not knock your devices out directly, but their intermittent power spikes can damage equipment over time. With a whole home surge protector, these spikes are a thing of the past.
  • Save on homeowner's insurance - Most homeowner's insurance plans don't cover damage to your electronics from power surges unless you opt for expensive add-ons to your coverage. You won't need to worry about those add-ons once you're protected.
  • Fire prevention - An exterior surge racing through your wiring can cause arcing, sparks or overheating - all of which can lead to a fire. If the surge is arrested before it even makes it inside, it can't cause that kind of damage.

Enjoy A "Surge" Of Protection Today!

You spend entirely too much money on all of your devices to risk letting a random power surge destroy them. Make sure they're protected 24-7 by getting your whole home surge protector installed today. When you're ready to schedule, send us a message online or give us a call at (918) 972-0720 today!

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