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Hot Tub Circuits

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Bring Luxury To Your Tulsa, OK Home With Professional Hot Tub Circuit Installation

A hot tub is an idealized form of luxury. Relaxing, soothing - spending a while soaking while the steam and bubbles tickle your body is a fantastic way to unwind and de-stress. But as nice as they can be, they also have very unusual power requirements, and if your hot tub circuit isn't installed correctly, at best you'll miss out on the comfort you're expecting and at worse you could have a fire or electrocution hazard on your hands.

Your friends at Watt's Right Electric know how nice hot tubs can be - and we know exactly how to install them so you can fully enjoy their luxurious effects. If you're looking to add a hot tub to your home and want to make sure the wiring work for it is done right, there's only one phone call to make - (918) 972-0720

hot tub circuit

What Type Of Electrical Connections Do Hot Tubs Need?

It depends on your hot tub. There are a couple of different basic setups you might be working with:

120 Volt Connections

Smaller hot tubs can be hooked up with a simple 120 volt connection, but these might lack many features people normally associate with spas. They usually have just one pump, and the pump can't operate at the same time as the heater, so it has to get to the proper temperature before you can enjoy the bubbles. These types of hot tubs come with their own power cord and have a GFCI connection already built in. They have a "plug and play" simplicity to their setup but often lack the capacity of larger tubs and can take a while to heat up.

240 Volt Connections

Full-scale hot tubs use a 240 volt connection that, depending on the unit, needs 40, 50 or 60 amps - but the extra luxury is worth it. You'll have faster heat, more pumps and stronger jets to generate genuine hydrotherapy. The setup is more involved and will absolutely require the services of a licensed electrician (like us!), but you'll also enjoy other benefits like additional comfort features and higher overall capacity. If you're looking for the true jacuzzi experience, consider splurging for one of these.

Why Does My Hot Tub Circuit Keep Tripping?

You're in your swimsuit, you've got a glass of wine, the hot tub is all heated and the jets are blowing, but just before you start to sink in, the circuit trips. Suddenly your biggest source of relaxation has become your biggest source of frustration. There are a number of things that can cause your hot tub circuit to trip - and we can service every single one of them:

  • An older or failing GFCI breaker
  • A faulty or damaged heating element
  • Rusty or corroded electrical components
  • Electrical wiring that isn't secure or in good shape
  • Moisture getting inside the breaker box

Whether it's one of these causes or something else, our experts can investigate to deliver you the right solution - and let you get back to relaxing.

Dial Down The Frustration & Turn Up The Heat

Whether you're looking to have a new hot tub circuit installed or need some help figuring out what's wrong with your current equipment, Watt's Right Electric has you covered. If you need our help, send us a message online or call (918) 972-0720 today!

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