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Circuits & Wiring Repair

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Restore Power To Your Tulsa, OK Home With Our Circuits & Wiring Repair Services

When power comes into your home from the main power lines, it is split up into various circuits that spread throughout your house, providing power to individual rooms or in some cases appliances. If one of these circuits fails, everything in that room - or the appliance in question - will no longer have the electricity they need to work. Not only that, but a failure in the wiring could also be the prelude to a devastating power surge or electrical fire. Simply put, you need reliable circuits and wiring repair services to keep your home's electrical system working well - just like the services offered by your friends at Watt's Right Electric.

Our highly-trained professionals tackle all circuit and wiring issues with a simple two-step approach - first, inspect the system to identify the source of the problem; second, provide a comprehensive solution that ensures the work is done right the first time. When you call Watt's Right Electric, you're securing the finest customer service and most impeccable craftsmanship you can find in Tulsa County - provided by a team of local experts who do whatever it takes to get your home working the right way.

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What's Included In A Circuits & Wiring Inspection?

The whole process starts with a comprehensive inspection of your system to find out where there's a problem so it can be isolated and fixed. Our experts will go through a detailed checklist that leaves no stone unturned so you can be certain if there is an issue, they locate it. Here are the things we look for as we compile this full report of your electrical system:

  • Frayed or damaged wires.
  • If the current wiring is correct and up to code.
  • The size of all current circuit breakers.
  • If any current circuit breakers are overloaded.
  • Appropriate wiring for all ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • Proper wiring and grounding for the electrical panel.
  • Compliance with all branch circuit voltage limitations.
  • Proper grounding for all appliances.
  • Suitable wiring for your current needs.
  • Appropriate spacing of all household electrical outlets.

What Are The Signs You Need Circuits & Wiring Repair?

Of course, you won't even know to call us to go through that inspection if you aren't aware that something might be wrong. It's always a good idea to regularly check some things in your home's electrical system yourself (check, not fix - electricity is dangerous!), so here are some signs to watch for that let you know you'll want to give us a call:

  • Circuit breakers that are frequently tripping.
  • Lights or lamps that give off a buzzing sound or light shock when you touch them.
  • Lights that are flickering regularly, even if the light bulb is tight.
  • Electrical outlets that are hot to the touch.
  • Any type of burning smell near any electrical equipment.
  • Outlets that only work intermittently.
  • Any type of arc or electrical shock when you plug something into an outlet.

If you notice any of these things happening in your home, call in the experts from Watt's Right Electric immediately.

You'll Be "Shocked" At Our Customer Service

Watt's Right Electric was founded under the belief that the people of Tulsa deserved better than fly-by-night electrician franchises more interested in earning a quick buck than doing the job right. We hand-pick only the best technicians so you can be sure when they check out your system, they'll find anything that's wrong and offer the correct solutions. If you have a circuit or wiring repair need, send us a message online or call (918) 972-0720 today!

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